Communication channels everywhere!!

Now, in this new normal, it is communications constantly firing towards you. Everything from everywhere. And it all has a distinct feeling that the senders are considering the action done, completed, because they off-loaded it as quickly as possible into the communication pit.

People have a way to let you down…

No more. I will be asking a lot of questions. There will be no clear yes until I fully understand what is being asked, and even then, I will be leaning back into my contract building days and securing a break clause.

The power of creating and sharing!!

It has made me a stronger person because I get to complete stuff, which doesn’t stop just at creating content. It has set me up with a mindset for life and given me new tools to cope with life challenges and focus on getting things done.

What I learned about Twitter when I went full-on in there!!

Like any drug, limit your exposure to it or get off it all together. The people that decide things for us even say you should not be taking a daily aspirin now… well, until the next more expensive thing comes to the front to replace that cheap solution. We are being done up like manky kippers…

The older you get the more you get to know time.

‘Enjoy the view’ has become my new go-to mind-sentence to reset my balance and help me shut my mouth and refrain from talking so that I can listen more. There is something to learn here.

Know your blind spots…

I love breakthroughs like this, and I relish the time I take to reflect back and learn at the end of the day. When I am honest with myself, I can learn a lot, and I now recognise that I have a blind spot when it comes to listening. Something for me to keep working on!!

A question of Volume versus Quality?

There will come a time to blend in the move towards quality and creep slowly away from the quantity. That in itself is a learning process and is part of the program.

What is ‘trying to be perfect’ masking?

In his famous commencement speech, that fear “that any moment now they will discover you.” It holds so many people back. It wastes so much time. As if anyone is thinking about discovering you. No, they’re thinking about themselves!

When your plans go to pot!!

What do you do when you organise everything for your day in your head the night before, and all of it goes to pot the following day?

7 tips for the ‘new’ in-person office meetings!!

You are all back in the physical meetings after the lockdowns and the work from home palaver. It has been a while. It was the correct choice to save lives, but now it is a journey back to some normal for you all.

Radical Candour is a WMD

Once you buy into the idea of being radical and candid with your employee, then you can guide them with that joyous gay abandon, as sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

Be your own Boss!!

To be your own boss. You should be ready to be your own employee. The last think you want to do with yourself is to have the TALK. No, not that talk. That Talk.

The secret to a successful morning!

If you are going to set up a morning routine, make it work for you. Design your own and make it what you want it to be. This approach is part of what makes a successful morning. It would be best if you weren’t trying to squeeze in another person’s routine into your morning. It will not work, and it will demoralise you. Stick with what YOU want to do.