Put your phone on a diet…

“You need to put your phone on a diet man, that is not good for your health. All that stress from having too many apps to choose from. Have you never heard of decision fatigue?”

What you miss when you don’t do your research.

But yet, I don’t always take the time to do the groundwork to maximise the experience. The reason I don’t is purely nonsensical. My excuse concerning not having the time or my claim that it is a waste of energy because I like to discover things when I arrive is dumb.

How much I earned in my first month writing for Medium.

I got over myself and stopped worrying, and just focused on keeping going. The small wins would be enough to pick me up. People liking with a thumbs up or passing a positive comment meant a lot. If you were one of the encouragers that did that, thank you. It helped immensely.

WordPress you have served your purpose…

To me, WordPress feels like I shouting across the ocean, my voice disappearing with the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. With Medium, it feels more like shouting across a busy Scottish Loch. Other nature lovers who are also rambling and enjoying the outdoors hear my voice and echo back an opinion

Why you should capitalise on the freebies.

My suggestion is that you make a budget. I dare you. Take one hundred bucks a month and allocate it as the budget for your development. This money can come from your other budgets or from a reduction of your daily wastage spend. What I mean by that is the money you spend on your fancy coffee, cake or extra bits a lunch. That in itself would cover the monthly budget of one hundred bucks.

An easy way and a hard way, which is it?

“Son, what is the most sensible thing to do in this situation? Take your time to think before you go on. Make a sound decision that will make the work easier for you.”

Are you working in a vacuum?

I wandered around some streets today, headed to a swimming pool, had a swim, and had an afternoon to reflect, and then I popped out for some simple street food.

Watch and learn…

perience. I am happy to get burrowing down a rabbit hole of information. Conscious of staying on message, I work backwards if I am off the learning track.

To batch or not to batch, that is the question.

The problem I am having is how to manage the beast now that I have electrified life into the very veins of its being. It is getting out of control, and although it is seeking that affection, it has a vast curiosity, a lust to learn new things. If I am not careful, it will be the end of me.

10 Tips to know before starting your project.

So I am now left with the quandary of going all out and sorting, organising and planning carefully for everything I do from now on or, I take the ball-aching prospect of the retrofit. Organising all the stuff from the past into the way of the future.

Looking good there, mate!

I am sure there is a much more complex way to position the idea of evolving by using a PowerPoint denoting change curves and some fancy ready-reckoner, but my old dad’s words say it best for me.

A horrible but necessary quote is…

Some quotes can hasten your actions and spring you into life. Some quotes can make you stop and ponder. It is all depending on your listening skills and your mood.

Making of a jigsaw puzzle…

hat fight and get my desire to stay on the creating side for the most significant part of the day. However, for the moment, it is all snatched slices of time.

In Production: My top 10 City’s in China.

The following was a script I wrote for my soon to be released youtube video. The one thing I learned from this new experience of scripting out what you want to say – is that it is hard and it is easy to get the timing wrong by overwriting…