It is as simple as cut ‘n’ paste!!

Writers complaining about the things that others would like to have seems to be a theme these day… you are privileged and it is well earned. Enjoy that with pride and passion, grumpy arse.

The older you get the more you get to know time.

‘Enjoy the view’ has become my new go-to mind-sentence to reset my balance and help me shut my mouth and refrain from talking so that I can listen more. There is something to learn here.

Tattoo or two?

That sentence above in BOLD was the response from my partner – who associates tattoos with gangsters!! A long story cut short, she grew up in a city in China and, well, Levi jeans and tattoos were the images given to the rebellious character within the literature at that time. 

My Dad passed away…

On the flip side, as a father, I should make sure the images that my son flashes back to are positive, and they stir the correct thoughts.

A question of Volume versus Quality?

There will come a time to blend in the move towards quality and creep slowly away from the quantity. That in itself is a learning process and is part of the program.

Just f***ing Laugh. Do it.

It is not just Billy. It is many of the best comedians. They have that system to throw out the laughter so that it spreads like a positive virus. Good comedians make me laugh, but great comedians, I am sure, rewrite my brain chemistry and change my mental synapsis.

What is ‘trying to be perfect’ masking?

In his famous commencement speech, that fear “that any moment now they will discover you.” It holds so many people back. It wastes so much time. As if anyone is thinking about discovering you. No, they’re thinking about themselves!

When your plans go to pot!!

What do you do when you organise everything for your day in your head the night before, and all of it goes to pot the following day?

Why gratitude is important.

Kathy was a phenomenal coach, leader and mentor, and I wish I would have taken the time to thank her for what she quietly taught me. I am so grateful for having worked with her, and I am so grateful that I know the power of gratitude.

Under three months left…

After taking a Creative Rest I can see another direction forming from the back of the year-long blogging target that I set myself. 85 days to go to blend in the other ideas!!

Beijing in the sunshine!!

Why shout your position from a place ignorance when you could take the time to research and know the accurate picture?

Glasgow Rain in Beijing!!

You should take a news and media break at some point in the week. Pause and stare out a window for a while and do nothing apart from think or think about Glasgow?

Capture what you have done.

We move through our day getting things done but do we take the time to look back on what we have achieved? This story gives you one reason why and helps you add it into your daily workflow.

So, the meaning of life!!

That is the age-old question that has been explored in every single way known. Scholars the world over have been chewing on this big question throughout the centuries. There are millions of words written about the meaning of life, and the search will continue. 

Radical Candour is a WMD

Once you buy into the idea of being radical and candid with your employee, then you can guide them with that joyous gay abandon, as sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.