Living in China.

Hello, (nǐ hǎo)

I currently live in Beijing China and the biggest challenge is learning the language. It is a slow process and leads to some very fun moments when you make an absolute horses ass of the mandarin you speak to a local person and the look on their face says it all.

Beijing: CCTV Tower from the Rosewood Hotel

What’s worse is my own Scottish ‘English’ accent as it doesn’t always lend itself well to the tones you need to be able to speak mandarin clearly. I am from Glasgow and learning mandarin will be a life long journey now, and I will share with you the trials and tribulations as I trundle along that pot-holed path .

I will share as I learn more of the language and highlight the links to the tools and processes I find to be useful. If you manage to learn from my journey then that is a good thing, if you are on a similar path then share away and I will be glad to learn stuff from you.

See you again, (zài jiàn)

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