1 Full Month of Daily Blogs…so, here’s Why?

This blog post is the first post in February 2021 and I have just completed a full month of posting every single day – 31 daily posts in January 2021. (although it is a 42 days in a row streak – I am pleased with that, so far)

For context, I have set one of my personal goals for this year as;

‘Post a blog every single day and to have an average word score for each post of approx 650 to 700 words

This will result in producing approximately 365 posts (I might post more than once on the odd occasion) and this will deliver approximately 250,000 words by the end of the year. Good reference material for the future.

There is no doubt about it, this year, 2021… the second year of the Pandemic, will be an other extraordinary year. With any luck we will have the post pandemic months ahead of us, we will have to work out how to manage through a whole lot of new changes to how we may work, travel, live in the future and we will have to do this while the world has to balance the books.

Trust me, someone has to pay for the global recovery and it is likely to be all of us – which is right, because we are on in this together…. right?

I mentioned how we travel in the future. Tis is super important to me as I live in Beijing China and for the last year, 2020, I have been unable to get back home to the UK to see the family. I have not seen my two amazing children and my extended family for over a year now. That takes its toll on a person.

I miss each and everyone of them and FaceTime, Text’s, Messenger, sharing funny videos and catching up on Facebook can only fill part of the massive gap.

So this year, after talking over text with my younger brother in the US who always inspires me. My younger brother, who said last year that he is ‘moving from the reading, learning and developing stage this year into execution and getting things done’ and that he did – he moved to Florida, started a new career journey and built up his own projects – inspiring.

With that, I decided to set myself some different goals this year. I set the usual financial goals, the getting back to the family as soon as I possibly can goal (please, hurry up and give me that chance), the career goals and the relationship goals… but on top of that, I built in something a little bit new.

I set the following as additional goals for the year 2021.

  • Post a daily picture on Instagram.
  • Write a Daily Journal entry – using the Day One App.
  • Write a daily blog post.
  • Make a weekly Youtube Video
  • Learn 3 hours a week on LinkedIn learning app.

The goals are a bit more functional, less ‘aspirational’ than some of the other, more typical goals that I have set in the past. However, they are in service of what I might want to be doing in the future and they reflect some of my passions in life.

My aspirational, long-term goal, is to be financially free so that it gives me the time freedom to which I can travel and work digital from anywhere in the world and that includes being back in Scotland with the family for a large part of the years ahead.

The goals that I set are also structured more around habits and building out small daily habits using some habit stacking ideas that I have been reading up on and are all in service of my larger goal. I have went a beyond some of the ideas in both books… but hey, its cool, it is a different kind of year.

I have recommended the book; Atomic Habits by James Clear in a previous post, Atomic Habits is a great book to get immediately inspired about all things habit and habit stacking… and I also recommend the book, Habit Stacking: 127 Small Changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness by S.J.Scott which brings to live the idea of stacking small habits to achieve big changes. (note: I have no affiliation with these links)

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