Can you help me with this question?

In many businesses we strive to see the person as an individual. As a person.

In all their splendour.

A limited edition of one.

We should always be doing this, because it is the right thing to do. People come in all shapes and sizes and they should always be seen as individuals, with their own identity and their own skills and their own special talents.

Each person is uniquely gifted and uniquely flawed and that diversity is what gives us innovation, creativity and delivers added value on so many fronts.

It is this individuality that will deliver any business the creativity and innovation that they need in order to be able to survive and grow in this ever changing world.

Everyone is different but equal.

They become even more equal when we set targets for people. We set threshold targets which are usually generalist but equal in their nature.

Everyone must hit this exact same number!!

It is a stretch for everyone but you all must achieve it… equally?

This number, the goal, target, performance requirement is the same for everyone…. but yet we are not all equally talented…

So why then do we try to measure everyone in the same way?

As we said earlier, we are all unique.

So here is my question…

Is it fair to set a ‘generic target’ for everyone or should there be much more thought put into how we set a target for the individual?

* How would you do this?

* Have you got any examples of where this works?

* How do you remain fair?

* How do you move the threshold once targets are achieved?

* What would be the basis for the targets?

This is a genuine question as I am really interested in how this would work, what would the benefits be?

What would be the Pros or Cons?

Inclusion and diversity… includes the diversity of thought, capability, strengths and weaknesses – is this true diversity?

And if this is true diversity, then how do we measure achievement?

I will continue to wrestle with this question.

It’s my own ‘chicken and egg…

A circular debate that changes with each different days perception and one that I have frequently inside my own head!!

But the debate will continue, unabated, and won’t stop me from trying to find out the best answer to the question…

I guess, though, I will keep going around in circles with it. Forever and a day and with no clear end measurement in sight.

Unless you can give me the direction?

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