Whatever, don’t break the habit streak!!

I nearly broke my exercise habit streak.!

I said, nearly. It was close.

But I just made it by the skin of my teeth. It was tough to achieve, on top of a tough week, following a tough weekend and a tough couple of nights… and guess what, I am glad I didn’t let it slide.

It was not easy though.!!

I managed to keep the habit in tact. Yes. Yes. Yesss.

Did I also mention, it was a tough week!!

I got up early enough to exercise, but because I had an early lunch and skipped dinner the previous day… I was hungry, so I ate breakfast and skipped the exercise. Big mistake.

That screwed up my whole routine.

I spent the rest of the day working… but I was working under duress and I was anxious because I knew I would have to try and exercise later or just accept a break in my habit streak.

I kept telling myself I would exercise but I also kept telling myself not to. Don’t worry, you can pick it up tomorrow. Who will know, right!

It’s just my own steak, my own rules. I am competing with myself and it is ok to take a couple of hits once in a while.

It’s fine. Really, it is.

I wish I could tell you that I had an epiphany and something amazing happened and so I have a great learning to share with you.

It didn’t. I don’t.

It was brute force that got me out the door to the gym.

I forced out 32 minutes!!

It was brute force that got me on the elliptical machine and it was brute force that made me do the 32minutes.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less…. just good old fashioned brute force.

No thinking. No pre planning. No preparation. Just the shutting up of my mind and I forced out the time on the machine.

Sometimes that’s what it takes.

Mindless. Brute. Force.

…And just for the record, I had a tough week.

But, then again, tomorrow is a new week.

And a new start to the day.

So when I get that right I will let the rest of the day shine.

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