Know what problem you are trying to solve!

I am sharing my own journey to a productive retirement. To inspire others to think early about retirement and to take the steps now in preparation for the life that they want

Personalise your workflow…

But in my recent learning experience with video editing, YouTube, blogging and website design, I adopted a different approach. 

Oh Lordy, do you see the signs?

I almost feel like a rabid Christian preacher… roll the frantic music, the dancing orchestra and the enthusiastic backing vocals!!

Who shook the Jar?

When I feel like I am rattled or I see conflict rising in my life, I will pause and embrace my stoic philosophy to slow my reaction down.

Brutal Minimalism with a time target.

I got through a decent enough bundle. I reckon I will need a few more thirty-minute sessions to get all my clothing items cleared, organised or recycled.

Pick the Simple choice.

Excellent reframing of a problem… This is another crucial task for today, food and drinks consumption.

Are you built to protect and deflect?

Generating a free and safe environment so the team’s innovation becomes the thing that drives the success in the business is the right thing to do.

YES is the easy answer!

I constructed many of the conversations I had today by using a technique that I have previously written about. I framed it with what I call the ‘Yes, No, counteroffer’ position.

Humour can change the world!

I think I have crossed the barrier from outsider to being accepted in this local community. It was a hilarious moment and one of the highlights of my time here in China.