Pick the Simple choice.

Sometimes when you have a lot to do, then there is always the option to pick the simple choice.

You can go down the whole route of prioritisation and the bang for the buck type return on the investment… or you can say, screw it. Today I am going for the simple choices.

My simple choice today is to do three things, no more than that. I have chosen them already, and you will not be surprised that this blog is one of them.

This has now been completed.

The other is to repair a YouTube video upload that has had a copyright complaint made against it. This is new, it is incredibly frustrating, but I see it as a learning experience. I hope to explain to the powers that be, the need to allow the video to stand. If that is not acceptable, then it is a reworking of the sound and a reposting of the video. This is the critical task for today and it is a moment to pick up a new experience.

Excellent reframing of a problem.

The final thing for today is to have a good night out with some friends. By the time this post is published, that will have been accomplished, and I will be sound asleep with a belly full of sushi and a head muddied with saki.

This is another crucial task for today, food and drinks consumption.

This simple choice today is not about procrastination. It is about perspective. I want to have a simple, straightforward day, and I want to enjoy my night with a clear mind that I can pay for to be muddied. That will be my choice to do, and it is the perspective for my day.

There are times when that simple selection is the right choice for the headspace and for regrouping on the energy front. This is my choice today. I am all about that.

That’s it.


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