Being Alive is Awesome.

As often in life, the laughter overcame the pain.


I positioned a way of thinking with this person that might get them to listen to themselves more. It was a lesson for me, too, as we talked through some of the options. I realised that I don’t pay enough attention to my own thoughts sometimes.

Pay (Play) yourself first…

Write yourself in as the hero and scribble in a healthy, wealthy lifestyle and do it with a compassionate core as your character lives a life of servitude to others.

The first thing first…

ontinuous practice and gather insight from the feedback through your failures. Still, if the want isn’t there, then you have the core ingredient missing.

The Sarson’s Time Machine…

The importance of keeping the few things close to you that can spark a celebration of times gone by. Something that can transport you back to happier moments and, in that instance, can take away some of the blues.

Locked into your phone!

I understood right then the challenge he had in getting his product to breakthrough. People want short, sharp and fast entertainment, and they want to switch off their brains to allow them the space to soak it up. 

Over one hundred years!

Star Danish footballer suddenly collapsed on the pitch during a UEFA Euro 2020 match on Saturday afternoon, leaving players and fans in tears. Christian Eriksen—the star of this Denmark team—collapsed to the ground with no other players around him.

‘The Secret’ is the worst…

The book is wildly successful in the same way that fifty percent of Americans believe Trump was anointed by God kind of way. Speaking of God, file This book on the shelf alongside the other spiritual books…

Budget, Pension, Save, Protect, Invest.

The last piece of advice I would give is to get comfortable with talking about money because so many people avoid it and end up in the wrong place – that is never a good thing.

Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

You have great experiences, you learn stuff, and learn how not to do things in some cases. You meet people and you steadfastly grow up.

The importance of a (QFC) Quarterly Financial Check.

I do keep it all simple. I am in the ‘invest in indexed linked funds and lock it away and forget about it if you can’ type of guy. I do have other investments, but on the whole, this is my approach. It is the safest and the best opinion based advice that I give out.

Work on your relationship with Money.

This is why I always urge people to get closer to their money and their relationship with it because it can help so much with the other relationships you have in your life.

The politics of ‘likes n Loves’

Are you a serious player, and you like, love, comment on everything and then drop in your own version of the story to seek a dopamine hit for yourself.

We are all in the people business.

“The primary job of each manager is to help people be more effective in their job and to grow and develop. Managers achieve this through support, respect, and trust.”

Keep going… but open it up!

Think big, think differently, and others will engage with that thinking. It’s infectious. Open up, and others will align, and their conversation will keep you going. They will give you momentum.

Money is worth it…

A straightforward day meant that I did the things that I wanted to do, and I was not involved in many birthday celebrations that, maybe, was not for me today. I was not in that mood.

My simple approach to deep work!

Four hours of focused deep work, and after the passage of the set time, I am clear. Finally, finally, done what I needed to do.