Being Alive is Awesome.

As often in life, the laughter overcame the pain.

Pay (Play) yourself first…

Write yourself in as the hero and scribble in a healthy, wealthy lifestyle and do it with a compassionate core as your character lives a life of servitude to others.

Locked into your phone!

I understood right then the challenge he had in getting his product to breakthrough. People want short, sharp and fast entertainment, and they want to switch off their brains to allow them the space to soak it up. 

Brutal Minimalism with a time target.

I got through a decent enough bundle. I reckon I will need a few more thirty-minute sessions to get all my clothing items cleared, organised or recycled.

A special place in hell.

There has to be a special place in hell set aside for the program developers who think they are so smart in hiding the shorts cuts and usability in the slickness of their design. It is not smart. It is an dick move… why hide your most initiative design elements? Oh wait, I know. Because…

How many more Mondays?

If some companies are so progressive in their approach, they should fix the Monday and pay it forward to lead the way – unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.

How to work within the cracks of your day!

I get up early and start the day using the same routine, which involves water (in and out), exercise, meditation, posting on Instagram, journaling and food. All within the cracks in my day.

Why let someone steal more of your time?

Today was a great day… but it started sh*t and nearly ended up Sh*t, with a capital ‘S.’ I was off work today, and so I decided to do something. The weather was perfect in Beijing. Not too hot, not too cold, and the sky was saltire blue. I was travelling light. I get grabbed…