How to work within the cracks of your day!

Someone asked me today how I can get so much other stuff done while balancing my full-time job and life experience.

My reply was that I am focused on using up all the cracks of time that are there during my day. They are there if you look for them and when you find them, you can see a whole lot of additional time.

They asked me to explain.

Here is my shortened explanation.

I get up early and start the day using the same routine, which involves water (in and out), exercise, meditation, posting on Instagram, journaling and food. All within the cracks in my day.

After all that is completed, I leave for work. I will get to work early and take some time to journal more, grab a coffee and read and clear email.

I then work the day job. That is a highlight of the day—the big tomalley.

I read across multiple devices and compliment that using the audiobook or a supporting podcast of the same theme. This means I can read a book in the moments when I am travelling to work, walking or on a lunch break. I am achieving this within the cracks of my day.

I write using my iPhone apps while I am on a lunch break, and I refine when I catch moments of time in my day. Sometimes things just pop into my mind, so I add that into the writing or start something fresh. I always have multiple mini writing projects on the go at once.

I use my iPhone for shooting pictures and videos as I move through the day and trim and edit on my phone. I can also do some graphic work on my iPhone using the Canva app. (I recommend that app – it’s is a brill app)

When I get to the evening, I spend my time creating instead of consuming. Think about that for a moment… CREATING VERSUS CONSUMING, exciting words, but what one warms your cockles the most?

When I am consuming, it is typically of the learning nature and information that I take in short bursts, like you would have done when you were at school. One or two periods of forty minutes each. 

Cracks in my day.

I will work on the more significant projects at the weekend because the cracks in my day are larger at the weekend.

I also have the carefree mentality of not holding back. I used to worry about getting it one hundred percent right, and I would refine, refine, refine and then NOT PUBLISH. (sound familiar?)

Now I don’t care so much about getting perfection. I just aim for the 80/20 rule. If it feels 80% good, then it is good to go.

I finished my short explanation with the idea that I try and create as much into habits as possible.

The fantastic person to whom I explained my process came back at me with the typical responses.

  • I can’t do that as I don’t have that discipline.
  • I never have the time. I don’t even have the small cracks in my day (which we know is b*llocks)
  • I am always too tired after work and just want to watch TV and chill.
  • I like to use my kindle for reading and don’t like audiobooks.
  • My phone screen is too tiny and fidgety, so I don’t enjoy using it for detailed work.
  • I am just not built that way. I need time to think and reflect before I can be creative.
  • Blah blah blah.! 

I said back without thinking, “You lack the desire is all. You are beating yourself before you even start. If you change that defeatest mindset, then you can change anything.”

He said back in his response, what is my least favourite comment of all time, that killer (of dreams) line…

“That’s easy for you to say”

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