How many more Mondays?

A story of a typical worldly Monday day in four parts!

Beginning. Middle. End. And what could we do differently?

How many more Mondays?

That was my focus this Monday morning.

How many Mondays do I have left between now and when I go on my annual leave?

How many Monday’s do I have left if I take off my days away?

How many Mondays do I have left between now and Christmas?

How many Mondays do I have left between now and when I retire?

All valid questions, and I know you ask the same type of questions. 

Don’t lie!

If some companies are so progressive in their approach, they should fix the Monday and pay it forward to lead the way – unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.

Monday’s, as the majority of us know it, are here to stay. The world of feedback, insight and the answering of the why’s?. They are here to stay.

Bulls*t Monday, shored up with the big book of excuses and the throw-away commentary. 

Does any of it actually change anything, or does it just make ‘authoritative’ people feel important? 

Is it all power plays?

What direction does the smelly wind blow?

Information flows up, up, up and away. Nothing of sense comes back down. 

Oh, you gotta Luv that Monday feeling. Feeding the information beast full of made-up cr*p…

If you have nothing of value, then pad it out with something. It is the way of the business warrior. You have to give it something.

Give it hot smelly air.

I am calling it for what it is. Bull!

What drives it?

Is fear driving this mentality? 

I think so.

Fear of what? 

Is it imposter syndrome that is driving this mentality? I think so.

What are you pretending to be?

Is it the worry of being caught out not knowing, rooted in many leadership styles, driving this mentality?

Who knows.

But so much energy is wasted feeding the beast on a Sunday evening and a Monday morning.

It could be so compelling if we told another story of inspiration and success. What went right, not, what went wrong!

If we found a new narrative for a Monday morning, we could inspire the legions to shift mountains. It could be a monumental change of results.

Some company will crack it. 

That success story will rise to the top in the ‘new normal.’

While the normal companies will wallow in mediocrity.

What is the way forward on this?

This obsession with the Monday morning from the business world?

I wish I knew the answer. I wish I knew the right way forward on this?

Help me, help us!

Do any of you know the answer?

If so, pay it forward.

Because we could use the money.

Get a load of China… it is more than what you think!

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