What are your reflections?

In my search for reflection and deeper meaningful insight I asked some people what reflecting means to them. The response below was from my sister who is on a new journey as she moves house, state and wrestles with the changes in family dynamics.

Hey Beth, what are you reflecting upon these days?


The build up to exciting times

First I want to say that I do love my life. What I love most is to be of service. Service to my family, friends and others in need.

The different stages of life bring different types of service. Right now I have 2 of my three children grown and living out of my home. I help them as they need it, but it is different from the banging on the bathroom door when I just needed 2 seconds of privacy.

I have one teenager left at home she is more like a friend and it has changed the dimension of home life.

It has made me look at what’s ahead. The saying ’empty nester’ is what is ahead and the days of running to swim practices, soccer games and other activities will be behind me. I guess unless I help with the grand kids when they start to get into that busy life.

I loved the time of chaos but I also look forward to the times of me.

I have had to adjust my thinking and my speed. Going from full speed to an opportunity to “stop and smell the roses”.

I can’t say I am in a rush for this time, but all those years of caring about everyone else has brought me to a time where I get to care about me. Well me and my best friend.  

I guess to sum up these thoughts:

Life is always changing but being a kind and caring person should never change.

Giving is always better than getting.  

Love the moment and love the people in your life.

Roll with the fun ahead.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sakshib29 says:

    “Giving is always better than getting.” – that is something everyone around must realise to make the world a better place.


  2. Iain says:

    Thank you for your kind comment as I believe so much in what you say… a life of giving is what I am now living and it is more peaceful and rewarding. I want so much for the world to be more at peace, my experience is that most people want the same but the fringes drive the agenda.


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