A cash splurge is a good thing!!

In addition, I have always preached the benefit of the occasional reckless splurge of cash on something that you probably didn’t need, but it was something that you wanted. I would set it up in the conversation as a test, and if you pass that test, then you should keep going. If you fail and you have fallen off the wagon, and your spending runs away from you again, find a way back onboard that works for you.

My 17.5-year-old son’s clarity on personal finance!!

was being a typical dad, and I was going on a bit. I think parents do that kind of thing. We go on a bit and drag the backside out of the subject matter. Well, I know I do. But it was with meaning and a good heart full of intention as I was trying to guide a conversation than have any strong point of view.

What simple things in life do you miss?

Anyway, I am not sure it was that much more straightforward in my day. It did seem so, but I am not so sure. I thought that technological advances would make things easier, but now it seems that will not be the case…

A question of Volume versus Quality?

There will come a time to blend in the move towards quality and creep slowly away from the quantity. That in itself is a learning process and is part of the program.

Buy the nice car.

They heard me talk about being frugal and sensible with money and how any purchase was paid for by money, but money was time.

Three words to guide happiness.

It was a straight-up, in-your-face question tossed my direction from a close friend, and I started my answer with three simple words. I paused first, for effect, thought about how to land my point and then I said…

What do you own and why?

I could identify what I would happily not have purchased and what I would spend that money on now if I had it. But, this in itself poses a question. Why don’t I buy this stuff now, and if I did, would I be able to justify the purchase by referring to the first question posed?

Avoiding a critical SPOF!

It is going to squeeze hard. He will learn from the experience because so many people are in the position of having a financial SPOF, which will cause so much pain. He will see it and experience it the same way I experienced the negative equity trap when I was younger.

The Upgrade Cycle.

After all, a bike with five gears is very much the same as a bike with six gears, so ask yourself, do you need that extra gear, or can you pump that out with your own effort?

In Production: Why China?

Some great people out here in China are from all over the world doing this already. I will share some of the links to them in the description below. I will join their discussions and echo them as we discuss more of what China is actually like.

Pay (Play) yourself first…

Write yourself in as the hero and scribble in a healthy, wealthy lifestyle and do it with a compassionate core as your character lives a life of servitude to others.

Budget, Pension, Save, Protect, Invest.

The last piece of advice I would give is to get comfortable with talking about money because so many people avoid it and end up in the wrong place – that is never a good thing.

Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

You have great experiences, you learn stuff, and learn how not to do things in some cases. You meet people and you steadfastly grow up.

Work on your relationship with Money.

This is why I always urge people to get closer to their money and their relationship with it because it can help so much with the other relationships you have in your life.

Money is worth it…

A straightforward day meant that I did the things that I wanted to do, and I was not involved in many birthday celebrations that, maybe, was not for me today. I was not in that mood.

Know what problem you are trying to solve!

I am sharing my own journey to a productive retirement. To inspire others to think early about retirement and to take the steps now in preparation for the life that they want

There are always lovely things…

“Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life.” 

Why spend the money?

The upshot was that they did not make the purchase. They parked up the £200 and

Start them saving young…

That way, your children will engage with the idea of investing because they will understand how it works at the top end.