What is that one thing?

What is that one thing?

What is that one thing that you have been meaning to do for so long, but you, well, you just never had the time to get it done?

I have a few things, but I had to think hard about the ‘one thing’ when I was asked this question. They did contextualise it with the, before you die, which added a bit more of a deeper thought to my consideration.

I answered the question, and then the swine said, what is stopping you from doing it now?

My inner voice was shouting – BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING TO DIE YET – but that was not the proper response to have to the question that was clearly designed to make me wonder about my priorities in life.

I have no idea what is stopping me now. I could dig deep and come up with some answers around pride, ego, feeling wronged or just damn angry, but they are feeble answers and make me look unapologetic. 

Good feedback, mate!!

I am unapologetic, and that is precisely it. Correcto-mondo, the ‘one thing’ for me was apologising and forgiving, but am I ready for that?

Not yet, but soon, who knows!!

Forgiving on my death bed is the easy option. It would mean that I would only have to live with the fact that this person won for a few minutes before my last breath was snuffed out, and then I could die with a little edge of peace in my heart.

If not now, when?

Jeezus-to-god-man, do you ever give up. 

I do not know when it will be the correct time to forgive and forget. That moment of release will happen sometime between now and the death bed scene that you so adequately painted for me, but I will get it done. Trust me on that.

Only you need to trust that you will get it done, but clearly, you need to do it.

I accept that. I will do that.

But in my own time.

Procrastination is a bitch.

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