A broken record

Art District Beijing

I have listened to a lifetime of podcast, read a ton of books and attended a fair share of learning courses and swapped many a story and laughed at many a joke.

Life is always good craic!

The broken record that goes on and on in my head, for me, has always been the same few things that have cropped up in much of what I have taken in.

Get up early and make the most of the morning.

Do good as it will come back to you in unexpected ways.

Get things done by writing down your long and short term goals.

Talk positively to yourself as you are your own best friend.

Read every single day as it gives you perspective.

Look after your health in body, mind and in spirit.

And live for the now but plan for the future.

I am not perfect at this stuff but it is always a work in progress and so it should be, because settling for anything else means that you have stopped.

I am not keen on stopping.

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