Hold Out Your Hand

Sometimes you need to ask for help.

There were times that I knew I wanted to ask for help but I didn’t or more to the point I wouldn’t.

The reason for this was always some sort of nonsensical pride. I have since learned the hard way to ask for help. In these moments, I have also learned to offer and give help and more importantly, to follow-up if someone swallows their pride and concedes to the help on offer.

Today as you go about your business, look for the moment where you can offer your help to someone. Make it your mission to do this and you will reap a reward that is better than any financial reward. The fulfilment of sharing what you know or have in order to help your fellow human being.

The reason why I want to be Financially Independent is partly because I want to help others. How that will unfold I will only find out when my future comes, but in the meantime I can practice the skill of helping others.

Practice along with me. Help others that come in and out of your life and remember the simplest of things can be a real big help in times of need.

Make it your mission.

Thanks for all the help that everyone has given me in the past and the future.

I will be forever grateful.

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