Buying a Home.

I am saving like crazy. I have a target and a focus. It’s a Tony Robbins size target. One that ‘pulls’ me rather than one that ‘pushes’ me.

Dip into some Tony Robbins for that reference as he makes it so clear how motivation works. You will love his insights.

Check out his podcast:

This focus of mine, this dream, is in part how I want to be as a person and I visit it on a daily basis. Almost biblical visits, not quite on my knees praying, but it is that kinda frequency.

It’s linked to my happiness, being with my family more often, having my financial freedom (F.I.R.E and living mortgage free) and the first stage on this journey is to be an outright homeowner. I know, fecking bold at the age of 51 and having to restart from scratch after loosing it all in a divorce five years ago.

I am now zeroing in on that dream and hopefully I will be a cash buying home purchaser in the summer 2020. I will drop an update as I move closer to achieving that goal as I am honing in on buying and finding that anchor in life. I will also share anything new I find out about saving like a warrior.

A little note here, the focus on buying this house is about having a base. I still want to see the world and live and experience many new places which is a whole new page… to be updated soon.

Right now though, I am planning out the cost of purchasing the house, the taxes involved (bastards) and the price to fully furnish each room as I have no furnishings or anything like that.

I did post my focus onto a Choose FI Facebook page to share and I got a whole lot of feedback about how to buy to let, house hacking, investing differently and work it in a different way. A lot to think about, but the focus is still on.

In the meantime.

I never thought that reading through an Ikea catalogue would be so much fun

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