Back and thank you FIRE


Hey, I am back to this after a very long and unfruitful period in life. As you might know, I live in Beijing and we are now just coming through the lockdown period and back to some normal life…. although it has a lot of restrictions. It was tough and I found it difficult being away from family and friends and even now the reverse is in play, it is even tougher. Not knowing the real threat to my loved ones and just hoping that they take the right precautions.

Things will change after COVID-19, that I am sure of and a lot of people will reflect and re-evaluate their life. I am doing that now and wondering what is next for me and my loved ones. It’s a process that I need.

The one saving grace and the thing that I am so thankful for was my focus on Financial Independence: the FIRE movement. This has meant that I do not have any immediate money worries and I am able to help others. I will have to change my long term planning but I am cool with that because I can make a difference to others now as they struggle to get by after loosing a job or their own safety net or security.

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland said it so well…. she said ‘We can repair an economy but we can’t bring people back to life’

That is inspirational for me and it is so true. I am not a doctor and not in the front line but I can make a difference to others who are affected through this in other ways.

Stay strong everyone and be ready to demand change when the time is right.

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