Social Distancing


Social Distancing is not the best.

The new normal is to be social distancing. This works for what it is intended- to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to allow the people in charge to deal with the problem once they see the size of it.

I would hate it to be the new norm. Until the ability to connect with others is taken away you do not realise how much you benefit, enjoy and grow through the connections that you make.

How to keep the energy and zest for life during the lockdown was a challenge because the first few days I went into it like a holiday and let some of my habits go.

I didn’t exercise because the gym was closed… but I could have at home, I chose not to.

I spent too much time on social media and watching the news because I wanted to know what was going on and the calamity on display and the backlash was good entertainment even if the subject matter was morbid and my guilt for being so intrigued was nagging. I could have eaten better, watched less TV or read more. I didn’t.

I have no idea why I went into this mode but I am glad I recognised it and have since taken action to course correct my distractions.

I was in lockdown for two weeks and I know friends and family back home are now heading for their third week and things look like they will be on lockdown for another three weeks.

I see everyone sharing what they watched on the Netflix binge, some funny videos on social media and sharing their frustrated existence and I see people changing their habits.

But it is ok, the idea that you you should be learning and growing and extending in order to improve your life can go on the back burner for a little while. Life is important and when threatened it is ok to slip in some distractions.

My reflections on this has been that when I loose my track with my exercise or food, it’s ok. It’s fine to start again. Restart that goal and firm out clearer habits. When this would happen I would feel the frustration. The guilt and the embarrassment of starting again. The pressure would be on, I realise now the pressure was self driven. I generated the pressure, me.

I have since learn to reset and restart, guilt free as there is much more to life. That is life itself and now, I take the time to appreciate it.

I hope you also do when everything settles down and if you look to make the changes that will see the new world that we live in and base the decision you make not on what you own but on the difference you can make.

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  1. KathrinS says:

    You are right, every day is an opportunity to start again, even if you didn’t completely stick to your goals the day before. It doesn’t matter.
    Although the virus is tragic and I hate how it is a health threat for many, the lockdown has been quite beneficial to me. I enjoy slowing down my pace and focusing on things other than work for a bit. Since many of my friends and family are also on lockdown, they all want to connect and I actually talk to them more than I normally would. Maybe some of this extra connection can be kept afterwards.


    1. Iain says:

      It was a great opportunity to get some balance back into my life and the slower pace helped me to reflect a lot. The connections but was good for my circle here but out of synch with family and friends back home because of the difference in the spread and lockdown periods. It looks like you are also taking the time to slow and reflect and extend the connections out to others which is great and I hope people do take the time to make some changes in their life if the reflect and so opportunities to do so. Thank you for responding to my post.
      Best, Iain.


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