F.I.R.E Monday Mornings.

How do I make a Monday matter less in my world of things?

Why do we have Monday mornings as the main focus of the week?, why does it act as the catalyst for the review of the week just gone?

Why are Monday mornings so tough on the energy level?

Why do some organisations and offices only work Monday to Friday and why do we have things such as bank holiday Mondays?

What is it about Monday!

In a nod to the Boomtown Rats, I don’t like Mondays.

I work in an organisation which is 24/7 and the Monday morning is a hell-hole of a day that is full of challenge, explanations and action building to course correct.

Feel familiar?

It is not very inspirational and it is damaging to the previous nights sleep quality as you run numbers over in your head as the mind looks for the sleep groove.

One of the things that keep me focused on my F.I.R.E timeline is the idea that a Monday morning in it’s current format, for me, will evolve into just another day of the week.

Every other day of the week is pleasant enough and it would be good, in fact, it will be great to have Monday fall in line with the others.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I FIRE and the week belongs to me, the pressure will still be on, as I don’t intent to ride into the sunshine and do nothing.

I intent to commit myself to something else, something that I work at, for me and under my own steam. That ‘thing’ will no doubt still have some pressure or a need to amend a trajectory…

…But will I have to do it on a Monday?

I think not.

When I FIRE and start my thing, the Monday will be off limits.

If my thing takes a shape in the future and I get any modicum of success and I have to work with someone else or work to the demands or to the will of a client then I am putting the Monday morning as an out of bounds limitation.

And because I have FIRED and I have my FU money stashed, then I can say with all conviction that I am sticking with that as the first rule of that future journey.

So when people ask why am I so focused on the FIRE and what will I hope to gain, I never waste any time in looking them dead straight in the eye, taking a pause to steady myself and punch out in a staccato pace…. the following;

No. More. Mondays.

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