Advice or Coaching?

So, a reflection for you to think about.

If you said you wanted to start a business and I said you would need to write out a 5 year business plan… I think you would run off and do that and come back with a great business plan. 👍

However, if I asked you for a 5 year ‘life plan’ you would put up some resistance to that! (Most people do – because people don’t see the need) so I think you should try and move your thinking to this way.

Your choice.

Anyway, we agreed that there are some simple steps that you could do now and commit to them.

  1. Write a short journal every day (paper is better, but the dayone app is a great way to do it on the go)
  2. Post an Instagram picture every day (you could post on your dog account and make it inspirational dog quotes) now that takes some research time, but that’s the point. Learning to do research.
  3. Learn LinkedIn learning on the topics that you want to build out on your ‘CV’ and so that you do learn in the field/role you want to be in at some point in the future (think 5 year life plan) I would say committing to 3 hours a week online LinkedIn learning will make a difference quickly.

We did talk about more but the key is to JUST GET STARTED DOING SOMETHING…

You talk a lot about it, do it.

The only person that will beat you, is YOU.

So with all that in mind, when are you going to start the three points above?

When do you want to next check in so you can prove to me that you are doing them and so I can hold you accountable?

Your choice from now on in.

I am here to help if you need me.

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