A reflection on an interview question.

What is your biggest achievement in the role that you are in?

This is a very perplexing question for some who are looking to explore new adventures. It feels like a catch 22 situation, because the reason they want to leave where they are at and try something different, is because they are not given the opportunity, facilitated or led in a way that they can create something ‘big’.

A lot of what we all do is just implementation. Compliance.

Identifying when you do something big takes time to reflect and takes time to get more input from others, but often we just roll right onto the next few things to implement.

This is why I recommend journaling.

I was never that consistent with my journaling but I have reset that habit. It is a mix of rambling one day, reflecting and frustration the next and some days of capturing the moments of real pride and satisfaction.

What the journaling does well, is capture the emotional rollercoaster that gives insight into the achievements and accomplishments of that day or week. It can give you the whole picture or capture deeper insights that are often forgot.

I wish I could use a paper based format, as I used to do it that way and at times I still do. But now it is not always that convenient and if things are not indexed on the paper then they are out and on the page and often never found again.

That said, out is always better than in when it comes to journaling. So even if you don’t refer back, it is still out.

I have went digital with my journaling. I now usea journaling app called ‘Day One’ which I highly recommend.

The great thing about this app is that you can record your thoughts anywhere and as you go through your day, you can add in attachments, capture music, locations and weather etc.

The really neat thing is that it has tags, which I set to some key topics. So when I need to search something to refresh my thoughts or feelings for any reason related to a given topic then I can grab a whole lot of historical insights in a flash by searching the tag.

So, when I am involved in the next big thing and I am asked for details or to elaborate, then I will have reference material that I can prepare with.

Another plus with journaling and doing so on an app, is that it is also a great way to balance your mental health as you go and the app can help identify some clear stress points.

Try it.

Set your own compliance target.


I am not affiliated with this app, I just like it.

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