A Money Mind-Shift…

I see that there has been a lot of new products on the market and people as always, rush out to make the newest and greatest upgrade.

I am good with that as buying what you need or want is sometimes cathartic and can give you a real dopamine hit. Nice.!

I did say ‘sometimes’…

Other times, it is good to take a pause and think. Think about it in another way, a different perspective.

How about this for a different angle…

Don’t buy the new phone for the upgrade this year because you upgraded last year. The current phone you have is serving you well and meets all of your needs and more. It is still a great phone. You love it, you loved it last year when you bought it and you still love it now.

The money you were going to use to buy that new phone should now be repurposed…

That money could be used to buy 3 or 4 shares in the company that makes the new phone.

(Substitute anything for the phone at this point; games console, new fridge, car, jacket… you choose)

Take the money that you have not spent on the new thing and buy the shares. buy shares in the company that makes the product that you were going to buy and put off your purchase.

‘Mend and make do’

My mother, 1930’s to now.

With this new perspective let the companies make money for you instead of you making money for the companies.

A new way to think about it, you own them because you have not allowed them to own you!

Over time, things will grow. Stick with it for the long-term and you will get that dopamine hit. You will feel it, but be careful.

It could become addictive.

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    nice to meet you, welcome to WP 🙂


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