I found my five fab happiness directions!

I like to journal. It is a great way to brain dump emotions, drop out ideas from a frustrated brain or just capture something that inspires or catches your attention.

I also used a combination of an electronic journal and a paper based journal and to be honest, each of them have their own merits.

When I meet other people who journal, they also tell me of the internal struggle of picking the right medium to use to capture their thoughts. It’s a simple struggle but sometimes the simple one are the ones people torture themselves with the most. I used to, not now.

I have passed caring too much on that and now I just do what feels right. These days I use an electronic app for my day-to-day journaling and I have set myself a goal to journal every day without missing a day.

Today I have hit my 70 day streak, my app just told me so and fired me out a little flame emoticon. Felt good to be recognised.

The other brilliant thing about the electronic based app is that it tells you what you may have put as an entry on this very same day any of the years before and it is always a great little surprise… and it is one of the reasons why I am using the electronic version. A paper based version of this would take a bit of time and a bit of organisation and discipline that I don’t have.

So today, the app threw up what I had captured four years ago about something that I had read on facebook which captured my attention and I went on to write a nice enlightened entry on the back of it. I won’t share what I wrote as it was very personal but I wanted to share the inspiration.

I am sharing the start of the entry as I read it today and as I wrote it the four years before.

Heard a nice thing on the face book just in the passing and I seemed to hit a chord with me and got me thinking about my happiness and the desire to get that right:

  • Own your own happiness
  • Write your own script and change it if it needs to be changed
  • Enjoy the journey, not the destination
  • Make your relationships count including the relationship with YOURSELF
  • Balance work with play

On the back of this, four years ago I made some big decisions and it changed how I looked at life. I decided to put myself as the key character in my own movie and decided the movie would be a ‘RomCom’ (A romantic comedy)… serious at the time but funny now when I look back.

The movie is still playing and it has, in the most part, been a RomCom and when it becomes anything other than that.

I change the script.

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