An unproductive day…


I have had one of them days today, a day that has evaporated and I don’t seem to have got that much done.

I am currently in the South of China in a place called Sanya, it is beautiful. Tropical, new and for that reason it can be distracting.

Note to myself: If I ever get to be a full-time digital nomad then I need to get used to the new quicker.

The day started well enough, good food, good rest and from there I got a short piece completed, completed my habits and then…

I got lost somewhere in my head, lost in social media and distracted with the TV that was spilling out the news from back home. All very sad news.

Today is a write-off. I always knew I would have them, you can’t plan for them and you just have to accept them.

I admit my defeat today.

Tomorrow is another day. A day with no pressure because of today, the importance of having a crap day is to make sure you leave it behind. So no pressure.

I will look forward to that new day and drop this short blog to remind my future self that these things happen, no use crying over it.

I will wait for tomorrow and look forward to the start of a fresh day and while I wait and ponder the remainder of this day…

I have at least got something good to stare at and not register.

This train.

Sanya, China.

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