Today was a fruitful day!

Yesterday was, well unproductive. Today was very much a day of recovery. I didn’t put any pressure on myself to do anything today, after all…

I am on a ‘holiday’ and travelling down in the south of China, so I had a chilled out mindset.

However, the weather was not the greatest. Wearing a down jacket and flip flops on the beach, I kid you not. It was that cold.

So with the weather being the way it was, I got more of a chilled out mindset and I managed to creat some additional content.

I am pleased with that, I wasn’t expecting much but I nailed some good content. Shot some video, some editing and I managed to bag some writing.

The end result of the video shooting I managed to do that day…

A good day had by all.

I even got into reading a freebie download on how to ‘improve on your photography composition using your iphone camera’.

So many great freebies out there if you look for them. I recommend doing just that.

Portrait Mode

I am still learning and sometimes the learning curve frightens me, but I will push on…

…Why?, because it is what I want to do and it is so much more enjoyable putting more knowledge around everyday activities, like something as what I thought was straightforward, like taking a picture on my iPhone.

When I scan through my older pictures there was so much point and shoot involved and no thought in what I was taking a picture of, haha… we all own some bad pictures.

Scanning through the pictures though, there is a lot that can be salvaged by some careful editing now that I have a bit more of a clue what to look for.

That in itself is engaging and addictive.

Beats gaming.

So a productive day and I now finish the day with some fruit, an imported Korean beer (it has no taste) and a small iced liquor from Japan… plum flavour and that is very tasty…

While trying to correct some bad pictures by learning how to edit on an iphone…

While being…


Needs more work..!!

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