What is your book of 2020?

Seriously, I do want to know. It has been that kind of year and for many, discovering books and reading was a new found passion.

I enjoy reading and as I said in a previous post, I have varying ‘tactics’ to read books for different reasons, to enjoy them for what they are or to extract from them some other learning or deeper meaning!!


My book of 2020 is…

Some new insights and wisdoms on life!

Jay Shetty, Think like a Monk. Somehow this seems very appropriate for the year 2020.

I have to admit, I was not a big fan of Jay Shetty as I tried listening to his podcast and watching his youtube videos but I found that they were littered with adverts.

I was being all zen like and getting in the mood with a podcast from Jay and then, bang, in drops an advert… then another, back to the podcast and boom, drops in another advert.

Really, I mean come on mate! You are an ex monk, get some balance between the commercial piece and the ‘live life like a monk’ piece.


Anyway, I persevered and decided to give his book a go as he was bouncing around all the talk shows and self help sites so I though, he must have something more to offer than just adverts.

I was right. He has more to offer.

He is a great storyteller and shares deep wisdom on the back of enlightening insights and great stories.

He has lived an interesting life so far and he speaks with the authority of the experiences that he has gained.

There are new things for the self development world to explore and he opens up some never heard before rich seams of thought, that have not been explored too much within the genre.

Get it, take the time to read it… work it and then go back and read it again. It’s worth it.

On that note..

What would be your recommendation?

I would love to know so I can select my next book on the back of your recommendations, please leave a suggestion below….

Pretty please.

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