Selling something, got to be selling something!!

So in my desire to learn some new stuff, I subscribed to a whole lot of things from Instagram, Facebook, web surfing and from the usual suspects. A lot of what I subscribed to gave me something for free which was good for the 15 minutes that it lasted.

Honestly, some of it was worthwhile reading, cribbing and adding to my notes. I have built up some great, credible reference material.

For a beginner like me, it is useful. Cheers…all!

But as my father would say, there is no such thing as a free lunch, even though there is, If you look hard enough.

But, then again, being contrary .. for most of the time he might be right. There is always a price to pay.

What was the price I had to pay other than the loss of my time?

For the free stuff it was jumping through some tricky hoops to make sure that I didn’t press the wrong links and also taking the time to beat the trick questions or find the ‘no I don’t want this deal take me to my free stuff’ link, which, funny enough is always in the very small print. So the extra concentration was a bit of a price to pay because I just wanted to click, receive and go.

I navigated all of this well enough. It does take some concentrated effort and it is a bit like being Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, but it can be out smarted.

Then again, I think they worked their ‘funnels’ because now I get a lot of one time only deals emailed to me. Some are more ferocious than others and I often think what do they hope to achieve by hammering my inbox every couple of hours… do you honestly think that is a good tactic?

Desperation comes to mind, even if it is a great one time offer of 90% off from a product that you have inflated in price!!

My email inbox is now a bit like what it was physically like walking down a street in Tenerife and getting bombarded by timeshare sales reps. What a great expereince.

I am currently unsubscribing or letting my filters do the work on clearing my emails but it is interesting, because everybody is selling something.

This I suppose is the nature of everything. Selling.

Everywhere people are evidently selling something and when I put this filter on my mindset while I surf the internet and I sign up to more stuff, then it becomes all that little bit more clearer on the tactics that can be inflicted upon us all.

There is a skill to it and through the process, I am learning. Jordan Belfort style…

I have noticed that if you can hold your nerve, keep your wallet shut tight and just garner the information from the free material then you do learn a fair bit.

People are creative and informative in what they share for nought. There is a jigsaw puzzle of information getting shared for no cost other than your investment of time…

It would take a bit of piecing things together and a fair bit of editing, but I could probably pull together a nice little ‘how to book’ and sell it.


Are you interested in buying my new book.. it’s all about productivity and maximising your day.

It’s called the 18hrs work day, its yours for $999, but.

I have a free sample… ; )

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