Gratitude is such a good thing.

Who looses out when you show gratitude?

Nobody. The person on the receiving end feels good, you feel good, others who might be privy to the act will also feel good and so all around every one benefits.

What is not great about that?

So then, why do we not do more of it? It doesn’t cost much…

It is as cheap as you want to make it. It can cost absolutely nothing to say a simple thank you – and mean it! If anyone does anything for you throughout the day, say a Thank You.

Try it. As you go about your business today and anyone does something for you, say thank you… the value you pass on at that point is incredibly rich and it does have that knock-on effect. They are likely to pass it on.

When you say Thank You and you really mean it… use eye contact, proper body language and really mean it, people always seem a little bit surprised when you do it with meaning, because so often the simple words of ‘Thank You’ are never meant with such sincerity.

People tend to just throw ‘thank you’ out as a way of forced habit. It is just something you do, right.

Don’t misunderstand me here, saying thank you in any form is great and it is the right thing to do, but when you choose to do it with such authenticity it presents a whole new level of fulfilment to the receiver and to you.

What is gratitude? Webster dictionary defines gratitude as the state of being grateful: thankfulness, thanks, appreciation.

To me, gratitude is this…

Gratitude is a superpower that you can use anytime. You don’t need a costume to wield it.

I have worked with Customers my whole life and working with people/customers in the service and retail industry is never easy, but I can tell you the person who says a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ can negate ten of the more nastier customers that you can come across as you do your work.

You can take it even further and show gratitude in your morning routine, you can show it when you speak to people you know; friends and family, and you can show gratitude to them through simple acts and phrases. Show gratitude when you eat your lunch and you can take the time to appreciate it more, appreciate what went into making it and how it will react with your mind and your body when you consume it and you can show gratitude when you acknowledge everything great in your life and you feel the gratitude for all the people that travel in and through your journey.

That is a lot of opportunity to spread the gratitude right there.

You see, as humans, we do tend to look at the negative side of life as a mater of default. It is baked into our survival instincts and when we dwell on the negative it primes our minds for defence and can give us a perspective that is not always accurate for where you are right now in your life.

By keeping what is good at the top of your mind, by demonstrating gratitude and feeling the appreciation for it, it is good for your health. Good for your mental health for sure and we all need more of that at this moment time.

2020, what a year!

The more you demonstrate and live in the world of spreading gratitude, the more you will be positively impacting on your health beyond just your mental health, because what goes on in your head ultimately affects the body…

Wearing a mask is very 2020

You will benefit physically, psychologically, spiritually and you will definitely benefit from being more sociable, even if you are shy and you don’t particularly like to draw attention to yourself.

You will feel more a sense of belonging, feel less of the isolation and you will be more outgoing as you practice your new found superpower.

Be a super hero today and every day.

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