I can’t keep this going forever!

You know you can.

The phrase ‘I can’t keep this going forever!’ was the heading to an email sent to me from one of the sales funnels I have found myself in.

I am not complaining, I am somewhat laughing to be honest. I like being in the sales funnels because I am not in the market to buy stuff. However, I am in the market to learn how sales funnels work, how good copywriting reads and how inventive people can get when they are trying to suck you much further into their sales cyclone and flog you something you probably didn’t need… at a price above what you expected to pay for a fully working thing.

So far that reason, I am laughing. It is all great education and it comes free, directly to my email inbox.

As for the ‘I cant’t keep this going forever’ sales pitch. I know that they can. The price they are touting is the same price being echoed for months now. Even when they say it is a Christmas special and a one time only for the New Year – it is the same fecken price.

So yes, apparently you can keep this going forever.

On the plus side, this persons email is stylish and it is super engaging. It is for a photography course and so it should be reflective of what it is trying to sell. For that reason, I would imagine it is very successful and people are sucked in. It is slick, the free material was excellent and so it is a great example… probably more so for people who are sliding into the vortex. For me, concrete boots and all, I am not moving so the email is repetitive. Good, slick, but repetitive.

There is a lesson in this.

Much like the lessons in the badly written coaching emails that land in my inbox from some of the coaching funnels I am locked into.

The quality of the writing here is not great. Coloured fonts, changing typeface and corny jokes don’t always cut it. if it is for life coaching, job coaching or for whatever coaching, pitch it correctly.

I am not taking life coaching advice from someone you colours the important words in fancy colours or changing fonts. Others might, but not for me.

Smart pictures and real life examples grab me… but do I authenticate them. The gloss of the ‘electronic brochure’ is inviting and it looks like I could learn for something… maybe, but that introductory offer is going to escalate.

I know it is. In doing so, you will breach my trust and guess what!

Coaching of any sort is built on TRUST.

But then you know that because it is there in your print. Centre spread on your email brochure, it screams trust me… I’m honest, I will coach you to have a wonderful and full life – click here.

Then here, here… and for more you can get the full service click here.

Maybe you are not in the coaching business, but really, you are in the sales business.

Do you have a brochure on sales techniques?

Oh you do, wonderful.

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