A one time only deal..!!

This is a one time only deal, this opportunity is only available for you… this one time only.

It is a limited time only. It is limited until, well, 2035…. January 2035 to be exact. Follow me now to explore this great deal. It’s free to sign up and free, always.

One time, right!

And free is always my favourite price.

Seriously, without the nonsense, please follow me on this blog.

Take your time to make that choice, there is plenty of time, but it would be nice to have you join me.

I am not going anywhere… in a technology sense. I am staying right here, on this blog.

I am, however, hoping to travel and share some of that with you as I get the chance to get out and about.

So, what is in it for you, I hear you ask?

You will see my attempt to blog once a day throughout the year, 2021. That will be *365 blogs. Eek!

All the blogs are my own thoughts and my attempt at sharing some decent insights on ‘*stuff’, so maybe you might find something useful and get some benefit from it.

All the photographs will be my own pictures from my time spent traveling in China and beyond… (go beyond – whenever I get the chance to do that again)

Over time I will share links to some interesting stuff I find on the internet and I will share some recommendations of reading material or things to do, see or explore.

I will also be available to reply to any comments or questions that you might have, although I would ask for some respect as my children read this blog.

Be nice. If you can’t be nice then at least don’t swear…. ***too much.

I am looking to build friendships with others that have the passion for what I share as I try and work towards having a more nomadic lifestyle and attempt to learn more so that the future me might be able to work online.

It will also be good to share feedback and solicit your advice and support.

So don’t be shy. ****

Follow now for absolutely no cost.*****

* Stuff refers to things about Money (save), Living as good a healthy life possible given the circumstances (live), learning new stuff (learn) and taking the time to reflect on all that (reflect)

** 365 blogs, one a day is the target.

*** I will also try and not swear.

**** I am shy so It would be good if you were not, but no problem if you are because we can be shy together.

***** All of this is for nothing, free, nada, nought…

The follow button is down here somewhere…

Thank you.

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