Selling loyalty poorly…

In China selling loyalty is a big thing.

Company’s will try and get you to sign up to a loyalty card or an app and will offer you a great deal to drop in some money right away.

I don’t mind this, I get it. It is all ‘fair in love and war’ when it comes to business. (Not sure if that is the right phrase but it works for me)

What I find comical is the ham-fisted attempts by some of the sellers. It is as if someone has told them to sell up, but given them no training, no understanding or any guidance on how to engage the customers.

This always shows up in the seller being clownish in their approach and then just downright nasty in the rejection that they receive.

I am probably guessing that it is either fear that drives this or the usual target driven, base salary and incentivised approach that always makes people act so damn stupid.

Work pressures on ‘productivity’ and the pressure to deliver results above all else makes people do some dumb shit

I know, you know, we have all been there. The irony of it all is that if the pressure was toned down or not directed to the individual, then the whole experience would be better and the result that was being aimed for would actually improve.

But not many people stay the course with that type of thinking because it is a long-term strategy.

These days everyone wants instant everything, including instant results.

My recent experience was enough to make me even more convinced about the right way to sell this type of service. (To sell anything to be exact)

We went for some hotpot. A great experience in Beijing and always full of flavour and great experience and community spirit.

The service started off good and then as we went to pay, you pay as you place the order at the table, the server asked us to take part in the loyalty scheme.

We politely declined.

She went apeshit with the attitude.

Turned into something from the movie the shining. Full of tense comments and all said in Chinese which I couldn’t understand but I got the drift and picked up on the crazy attitude right away. My partner who is local was certainly clear on the shift in time and got all the direct nuances in the new tense language being used. It was a piss off for the whole experience.

I asked my partner what was said and she explained a little but didn’t go into detail until we had left the restaurant.

Here is the thing, we love that restaurant and if the loyalty card was presented after we have great service and a great meal, we would have considered it more and might even have signed up.

If the server had connected better during the meal and then presented it at the end, with the connection we would have made as humans, I would have signed up. For me that’s how it works.

I think the desire for productivity gains kept them well away from any conversation or connection. No time

What now? I don’t think we will be back to that place and we will find somewhere else… all because of a nasty server who is probably under a whole lot of pressure to quickly get a couple of more loyalty sales to hit her target.

I should be more understanding, but should I?

For me…

Service is everything.

For sales…

Timing is everything.

For the staff…

Training is everything.

For everyone’s happiness…

Tune down the pressure.

No Fear…

Is everything.

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