Don’t buy dumb sh*t, SiP!!

If you want to start a protest don’t buy dumb sh*t…. in fact don’t buy much.

Save. Invest. Protest. (SiP)

I know it’s a bit of a new one here, but I used the abbreviation of ‘SiP’ a few years back as a way to avoid spending.

To others, when temptations rose, I would say I wasn’t spending much or I would think about it or take a small sip (spend a little) if I really needed it… but on the whole, I just wouldn’t spend.

In my ridiculous mind at that time, I would see the impact of my refusal to spend as being a whole lot more than it obviously was.

I would see myself as a modern day Robin Hood, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, with myself as the poor obviously.

I was a bit skint at the time.

Laughable, but it worked to get me started back on an extensive saving mindset. It changed me instantly, a paradigm shift. It worked.

I saved and managed to invest a whole lot more than I had planned and so it was a worth while exercise.

Don’t knock it until you try it.

In my head and in my conversations I would see others joining in with my protest. They didn’t, obviously, as it was all in my imagination.

In my minds eye. A great internal monologue… most of the time, although sometimes it would be externalised.

Honestly, I wasn’t that bad to be around. Haha… when I think of it now it makes me sound like a pain in the ass, a sour puss, but I kept it light hearted and fun and would say I ain’t buying that as I am ‘protesting’!

Internally, in my nogging, I would envision my stance making an impact.

If everyone did it as a protest then it might take hold, bring down that unethical company or that government….

but the likely chances of that happening are very slim.

Ridiculous. I know. But it is harmlessly in the mind.

But if you are of a mind to ‘protest’ about something….

The big banks, big tech, big Pharma, big whatever….

Then set your internal mind on a protest: protest on your terms and frame your savings/investments in that way.

In your head.

Next time you think about buying that new pair of Yeezy’s, frame it as a protest.

‘I ain’t buying them because, well you know…’


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