The ‘game changer’ question?

There are some great questions to be asking to others and some killer questions to be asking yourself.

“If you met someone exactly like yourself …

The exact same situation as you right now with regards to your health, your relationships, your knowledge, the financial situation and your career… everything is the same…

… what life advice would you give them right now?”

I was asked this question yesterday and I did not hesitate for any more than one minute in answering it.

But I did hesitate.

The question halted me right in my ‘mental’ tracks.

My mind stopped during the conversation at this inflection point and because the question was so personal, all of my thoughts that I had lined up to continue the conversation that I was expecting to have… evaporated.

It was a ‘game changer question’.

It changed the conversation in a whole new direction, instantly.

It changed my sitting posture, my breathing, my hand and my head movement and it impacted on what my attention was previously focused on…


It was a great question to be asked at that moment.

For the record, my answer I feel was good solid advice for me at that moment.

Haha… and that was the point of the question.

The other point was to stir me into some action and it did exactly that. I immediately took some corrective action from the question, from my answer, and from the follow-up questions.

Which did give me more answers that I didn’t that I needed.

Questions like this one do change the game and although they can be real challenging, the follow-up questions are even more challenging…

So when will you do it?’

‘How will you know if it is the right thing?’

‘Who can you learn from that may have already done this?’

They hold a mirror up to your thoughts.

I thought I was good at asking questions of myself, I had always practiced it, but the actual reality is that I was not that great at it.

Probably still not.

I would often just ‘think about stuff’ and not really take the time to frame it.

I am curious by nature and I have always been that way, so from a point of curiosity, I would always ask questions.

My questions would be angled to find out about something. How something worked, a new idea or something I had stumbled upon, something that I wanted to find out more about.

I think I would be playing it safe. Avoiding digging deeper and maybe being to challenging with myself.

I wouldn’t always ask myself a killer question or a game changing question.

‘So why wouldn’t I do that?’

No idea why, but I will try to ask that game changer or killer question in the future.

‘Why wouldn’t I?’

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