Can it scale, niche, funnel… Chill!!

I was talking to a friend of a friend and exploring some of the work that I am doing online now. I was also talking about this blog and a few other things that has got my interest and grabbed focus.

Podcasting, video channel, writing, freelancing and designing some clobber… the usual online stuff to be exploring

It was a great conversation and I was learning a whole lot about running an online business and how to maximise it… to be honest, some of it went over my head, but I know in time I will get it.

Yeah. SEO is a whole subject matter that I will have to take time to understand and utilise but in time.

It’s pencilled in for June.

Some of the things that was shared in the conversation went in.

The stuff that went in will make a difference as I build out some of my interests but I am in no rush.

That seems to be an issue for people when I talk about building up an online footprint.

Chill. I am no rush.

They get frantic and talk about how I should get my ‘hustle on’.

Ok. But why?

When I was sharing a bit of my online focus. My current and future work, my plans and my future aspirations it was all going swimmingly well until I was asked what my plans were for scaling it up or if I had niched down enough?

“How will you design your funnel material?”

WTF… Why should I rush that?

What even is that? My funnel?

To be fair, there was no selling involved from them and it was all just good conversation. They were absolutely trying to help me and for that it was all great!!

I really appreciated it.

(Although my life experience tells me everyone is selling something, they might not know it, but most people are ‘market stalling’ out something)

I do get it. Be first, be fast. It’s all linked if you want to make money.

Sometimes speed is of the essence and you should rush to be first, be quick or to build your thing out without haste so that you get a return on your investment. I agree.

But I am in no rush.

If my financial situation depended on it all, then I would be speeding in the fast lane. Burning money, blasting through mistakes and trying hard to learn in the moment as I then get my mojo full on into the ‘selling something business’.

For sure that would be me.

But that is not my financial situation.

I am stable and growing financially and I am on track for where I want to be… but it has been a marathon not a sprint.

When you are growing your finances the mistakes happen when you rush it or get impatient. Rushing it all is a major risk along with panic and short term thinking…

I have sold stuff when I should have held it and didn’t off load it because I wasn’t sure and I have missed out in great investment growth opportunities, because I was rushing things too much and I was not taking the time to learn and study.

It’s cool. I am at peace with all the losses during that period, because what I have learned is to take my time and be patient.

So no matter what. I am in no rush.

Slows and steady wins the race.

I am in no rush.

Did I say that already?

I would rather take my time to learn and to know what I am doing…

Take my time to grow my passion and not shrink it with too much pressure.

And then when I am a bit more versed…

Then I will review it.

In the meantime, I am just enjoying to process.


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