Talking Careers and Money with my daughter….

My daughter has a job. 

I am super proud of her, it is not her first as she has had part-time jobs while studying, and this job, this job is a temporary job.

Let me correct that, it is not a temporary job as such, she has a full-time job, it is a permanent job and she likes it. She is doing well in the job and she is already picking up extra duties and responsibilities because she is also good at the job, as highlighted by a recent promotion. Well proud.

I might be biased here, but what father isn’t!!

The reason why I tell her that it is a ‘temporary job’ is because it is not in the exact field that she has her degree in and this role is likely to lead her onto a quick progression and a lot of early success, because of the nature of the industry that she is currently working within. Retail can do that.

She will get caught up in the excitement of all of that and the next thing will be, she is further from her degree training than what she realises and then it is a tough road back… this might not be a bad thing as long as she is chasing her passion and has the view to keep learning new skills. Otherwise, it’s possible seven years from now, she might look up at the other career paths she would have loved to have taken and think, WTF!

I tell her (more like suggest to her as I am not that type of parent) it is temporary, because I am trying to help ready her for what the future might hold. The workforce as we know it, will evolve with further automation, when artificial intelligence becomes a big thing in the normal landscape of the working life and the global shifts following the pandemic and constant political upheaval, redefines the very nature of work.

All very dramatic, I know. But that is me sometimes… Johnny Drama (What TV series is this reference?)

I position the idea of the job being temporary by building on the idea of her becoming a mobile and agile worker… someone with the skills, knowledge and the change agility to be able to learn new things quickly and demonstrate adaptability in how to deliver the required outcomes.

Basically I say, ‘Don’t chase the money, chase the skills, follow and look for the roles where you can learn new things and look to work with leaders and people who will inspire you to think creatively and look at innovation as a key component for being successful’… I can go on a bit!

I do believe my own mantra, which is why I am constantly learning and gearing what I learn towards a multitude of roles that I might have in the future. When I retire, F.I.R.E style, I will continue to work doing the things that I want to do and where I can add value, where I can make an impact and I will be chameleon like in what projects I get involved in. I will make my own choices and within my own timelines, hopefully.

Scoff at it you may, but… At least it is a plan. My plan. Do you have a plan?

I also need to remember that this is my plan and what I plan is not what my daughter plans, so my role here is to support her and suggest alternatives to the future that she might see. Ultimately, my daughter will make her own decisions and I will always be there to support her.

No matter what. That’s the deal you make when you become a parent.

The fact she is working is brilliant. That is success. 

Living in the UK during a pandemic and the mess that is Brexit does mean jobs for new graduates are difficult to come by, for the moment. Things will evolve.

The other great success is that she is good with her money… she has a strong money mindset.

The reason why that is also a success is because that will always allow the transitions from job to job or role to role as she is not chained to or over reliant on the teat of steady income.

She has the following strong money skills already;

  • My daughter knows her worth and is clear on what Money can give you and take away from you.
  • My daughter has a respect for Money and balances her purchases.
  • My daughter is frugal, but balances the books with enjoying life.
  • My daughter is investing for the future from a position of having no debt.
  • My daughter is taking small steps into the wider world and knows the importance of money for that journey.
  • My daughter takes action and understands the idea of having additional money streams.

With a financial base that is healthy and the demonstrated ability to evolve and grow quickly in the job that she is in, I have every faith that she will continue to cut a path where she will have a great career…


It will likely be filled with change and challenges as jobs evolve much quicker than when I was her age.

She has strong foundational roots and her career is likely to have many ‘branches and off-shoots’ and with a…

‘This job is TEMPORARY job mindset, hooked up with a money mindset, a mindset of constant learning and one of seeing abundance all around’

Then she will have a great journey and she should fully enjoy the stations along the way.

As I said, the current job is just that.

It is a Station, don’t stay too long and catch that next journey!!

‘A couple of key points for my Daughter in this video’

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