In the end, you go out as you came in.

Accumulating things as you go through life is something that we all do.

We accumulate belongings, experiences, and people. Everything that we do pick up over the years adds value to us in some way or the other.

There is no denying that a great ornament, art piece, piece of furniture or an exceptional clothing item is something to be enjoyed and to own.

It is just stuff in the end up.

I am striving to keep it simple and follow much of the minimalist movement but being free of so many material things is never easy.

To be free of the abundance of experiences is something I will never forgo. 

I want to fill my boots with that stuff. 

All the other stuff, things you own, it has only a moment in your journey.

In the end, though, you go out in the same way as you came in… with almost nothing.

You see, I believe that we do have something when we depart on that final journey. We have great memories and experiences that we can fondly look back on and lean on in the final moments.

Just before you finally let go. This is what counts.

Sounds depressing, but it is not meant to be.

It is supposed to galvanise you into living a life full of experiences that can create such memories.

A life that is not ordinary.

It doesn’t mean you should abandon everything and go on a life long journey to Tibet. Or have the incentive to jump on the latest flight to a faraway country to live a life of exuberance and abundance.

It doesn’t mean that.

Just live a life that takes you away from the mundane on the occasions and enjoy the special moments.

Be mindful when you are in the moments, take the memory you create, and secure it for that future use.

I spend a lot of my time fixated on saving money and getting ready for the future that I want, and sometimes I fail to enjoy the moment.

I want to have the money and the safety net to be able to relax. To enjoy the moments more. To buy me the freedom of time that I feel I can capitalise on.

But I can get tied up with all of that. 

It can consume me, bouncing around my thoughts like a squash ball in the most furious of competitions.

Never settling but grabbing pace and momentum from the hits that it takes. Thoughts that build on each other. 


“Save more than you spend.”

“Spend less, earn more.”

“Always know where your money is going”

“Be forever learning.”

“Money equals time.”

Of course, my belief in being financially independent, and being in control of your life, your time and living a life of giving and fulfilment is something that drives me…

It is just me. I see a way to a means of having this purpose.

But I should never forget the small moments.

The magical moments where the sun is just right. Where the people who are around the dinner table are only the right people to be there. And the moment, wherever and whatever it is, is just right. 

A moment to savour, appreciate and to understand it for what it is.


“My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”

Steve Jobs

A perfect moment in time.

There is no amount of money on this earth that can buy out the special moments. 

Where things just fit together to align and present the gift of total bliss.

That moment.

That moment that money can not buy.

Only friendships, relationships and people can present it to you…

Your job is to watch for it happen, receive it and bank the memory.

Because in the end up, that is the only bank deposit you will have as you take that final leap.

Save as much in that account as you can.

You will need it. 

We all do

See more of Beijing, China and enjoy a visit to a magnificent Steelworks.

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