A day of distance and distractions.

Some days I can not seem to get started.

Like today.

This day was not the best of days.


Today was a day of continuous delays for no apparent reasons. 

I was feeling distant from my hometown, Glasgow. 

I think it was triggered by hearing an old song from back in the day that brought back a few moments remembered.

Good memories. 

Hearing the song yesterday made my day… It made me smile, made me happy.

Then today, the comedown.

It did set me back a fair bit today. In the end, I couldn’t shake it. It was just an off day. It is ok to have an off day. 

I tell myself that. 

It is ok to let it slide.

I no longer beat myself up for missing a day of doing anything productive or having a day where I don’t get a lot done.

I work to set my mind straight.

Because, as we all know, there is another day tomorrow. 

When I have a day like today, the question I ask myself is, ‘How do I want to set up tomorrow?’


‘How do I want to finish today?’

So finishing today is about achieving something, anything. So this blog is it.

This blog is what I will accomplish today. Job done.

It has been composed fresh for this exact mood because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share how I will set up for tomorrow.

So how will I set up to get an improved day tomorrow?

I have two must-do things for tomorrow.

The first is to finish a report for an early morning deadline. 

If I do it tonight, I know I will end up fighting with it. So my action is to brainstorm everything that I have to report out onto paper, and I will leave it until tomorrow morning.

I will pick it up fresh first thing tomorrow morning, and having shaped out the rough report and arranged what I need, and it will be a straightforward exercise.

It is always a straightforward task when I get like this. It is something that seems to work for me.

Brain dump. Come back to it fresh.

The second must do is to get some exercise completed first thing tomorrow. So I will set out my gear all ready to go, and I will complete my training first thing in the morning. Not my usual routine, but I need a different start to the day.

Almost an energy boost. 

The only thing left to do is get some sleep.

People always underestimate the importance of sleep. I like to make sure I get somewhere between seven or eight hours each night.

I never oversleep. I very rarely under sleep, and over the years, I have managed to get this part of life right most times.

A couple of quick disciplines, and then I am good to go.

No watching News on TV an hour before sleep – that heats the brain. I want to cool it down.

No Social Media in that golden hour before bed either – again, I want to cool down my head.

Finally, choose a reading goal.

One chapter of my fiction book.

So with that.

Very soon

I will be off to bed. 

Not early.

Not late.

But right on target.

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