Some people just can’t keep from the Negative.!

I have met many people in my life, and there is a small, minimal number that I have come across that can not help themselves from being nasty. 

I have worked to minimise my contact with such people.

They say you are the sum of your five closest people. Do not add this type of person into your equation.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

William Arthur Ward

Thank goodness that they are few and far between.

But they are there, from the mirror to the street. We should look to reduce them, always.

You know it the same as I do. I am just highlighting it… my poetry in motion.

Nasty people. Just a few. But there.

It is a subtle nasty.

It is hidden in the small comments that trail off. The shortness of the ending. It hangs. The nasty is hidden within the choice of words.

It is hidden in the text or email. It is best understood with the context of the email stream or the text conversation.

It is there. You can sense it. You know what I am talking about here.

It. Is. There.

It is very few select people. The ones that just are that little bit more snappy. The ones that people avoid but can not explain why.

‘It is just their way.’ others say… in justification.

Yes, this might very well be, just their way. But their way doesn’t have to be accepted. Justified.

Call them on their touches of sarcasm. 

See them squirm. They deserve to be highlighted for what they are. 


But be prepared for the sweetness and light rebuttal.

The lack of authenticity oozing from their body language. The smirk at the end of a comment.

No, I think I am picking you up correctly.

They are always the innocent ones. ‘It’s not me. It’s you’, they would say.

They never meant any harm.

They are the ones that are misunderstood. 

They are just efficient in their choice of words.

They are just open. 

They are transparent with where they stand. I am an open person.

They would say, ‘Honestly, you are picking me up wrong.’  In justification.


My imagination isn’t running wild. Don’t say that.

So is it my fault or yours? Who’s fault is it? Can we discuss, or is this out of the question.

No one, because you are what I see you as.

You made me question my sanity at first, but it is getting ever more evident.

You tried that defection, and we can see through it.

You are nasty, and it is the way you are. 

You suck the very happiness out of people. 

You change a room when you walk into it.

You hoover out the positiveness.

You are just you.


So, No. I am not getting you wrong.

You are just Nasty, and that is the way you are. I am getting you right.

So what am I going to do about it?

I will keep my relationship with you purely limited.

I will avoid you if I can and dump you when I am permitted.

I will call you on it and will not ignore it.

I will seek to understand, but not excuse.

I will offer support in the form of feedback but only to a receiving audience.

I will not lose any sleep over it.

I will not be it.


We share this same beautiful world in all its glory.

We see the same things and appreciate the same air.

We can live together in openness and truth. 

We must move to this, a life of hope and glory.

We do need what we don’t both sow.

We can live without it.

We just need to try.

So we should understand each other and dig deep to see. What makes you. What makes me.

Understanding is what will set us free, talking together in empathy.

So there is absolutely no reason to be.


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