Saving King Cash for the Big One!!

There is something big coming. I have no idea what it is, but somebody has to pay the pandemic bill.

From an investment point of view, I am ready for the downturn. I am sticking with what I have and moved more into the indexed-linked funds’ safety zone and moving my position out of individual stocks. 

I have to add here that I am no finance person and I have no training on this what so ever. I read books, study stuff and watch some of the financial television channels. That is it. My very own position. And my little drop of hard earned savings and investments.

I have lost money, gained money and f*cked myself on many occasion. For the long-term, though, I am in a decent position. But, and this is a big but, I think there is a storm a-coming.

So for that reason, I am building cash. This approach goes against all the other advice. Cash is losing you money; invest little and often, stay for the long bet and all that other noise. I get it. That is what I have been doing. I have followed your advice. It worked. Cheers for that.

I have been preparing for the long game and working on my risk tolerance, which will be stretched this year. I built an emergency cash safety net, so my risk management for my investments will be a case of “shut my eyes and do not look” as the storm hits.

I have no reason to believe that this will happen and no reason to declare it as such. It is just my thinking, also looking at trends and getting my head around the bill for all this stuff. Someone always picks up the cheque, and it is not the Wealthy… the Wealthy, they are preparing. 

Hedging and scheming as they do, and there is no law against that. Maybe there should be, but we all know that will ever happen. It is a ‘free-market’ until the sh*t hits the fan, and that sh*t is in the air heading in the ceiling fan’s general direction. Yep. You get the picture. It is going to be messy.

The general rule is don’t try and time the market, this is what the F.I.R.E. people will tell you, and they preach heavily on this. I will not be trying to time the market because I will not get it right as you always say. I will follow your advice on this. 

However, I will be building some cash to at least buy when things are down in the burst of the bubble. This saving cash to get prepared is another string in my tactics. I can keep putting money into the linked funds, and when things go pop, it will be more than a couple of months to get back to the before picture. That is a plan. That is what they advise. 

I have done that, and I am in a decent position. A privileged position, and I have been scrimping and saving every penny to get to that stage. I have been on this F.I.R.E. journey for several years, and I am getting close, but this coming storm will kick my timing into the long grass. I have no doubt about that, and there is not much I can do but wait it out.

I am ok with it, but I also want to make more money for my future. 

Is this an opportunity?

I think it might well be. What do I have to lose if I stack up some money to pile in at the low? I can only see an opportunity, so then I will prepare over the coming months. I am thinking of months. I better get my skates on. (so, it is a low-cost life for me to build this plan.)

If I was not holding any cash, and it was all in my Vanguard fund, how can I take advantage when the arse falls out of the market. 

So here is my plan. Note; this is my thinking. I am not liable to anyone or advising anyone. I am telling my story here. I have fought tooth and nail to get to this position, and it has been because I had a plan. 

This thinking is my adjusted plan. My plan for this year and I am calling it the “Ceiling Fan Plan.”

  1. Remain in the indexed-linked Vanguard funds for the longterm, f*ck yeah.
  2. Reduce my stock investments and take the cash. Cash is king.
  3. Protect my half-years personal emergency fund. I might need this if the ceiling fan is on high revs. We will all need something like this, so I hope you have yours in place. If not, duck.
  4. Build cash in the best interest account I can get. It has to be instantly accessed. I will need it as the ceiling fan connects. (this is my ‘Ceiling Fan Account” – my C.F.A… the Wealthy like abbreviations, I can invent mine)
  5. Reduce my costs to the bare minimum and put any money I skim into my C.F.A account. No more f*cking Starbucks that is for sure.
  6. Keep watching, reading, researching and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. At this point, I will know I can not time the market. But I am not trying to. I am just waiting for the Ceiling, fan, Sh*t thing to happen. It will happen.
  7. Shut my eyes and manage my risk tolerance by ignoring everything that is already in place. Oh, and pray. I am not religious, but I hear it can help. I will pray to some god or two.
  8. Don’t buy any crap stuff. Adding this in is because when the powers that be see the storm, they will reduce prices through great deals and offer-up an incredible experience to be had a much cheapness price. It will be so tempting. Hold the nerve and just take the journey home as planned.
  9. I am working on a timeline of a year. The points above are my year’s plan, and if I screw myself with this because I missed the upside, then so be it. It will not be the first or last time. But I have my plan, and I am riding that out.
  10. Pounce like a snow leopard chasing a long-eared snow rabbit – I would have said a Tiger, but I watched the Tiger king’s first episode on Netflix, not for me. Walter Mitty and the Snow leopard – that is for me… in fact, the Walter Mitty movie is for me. (The most recent one with Ben Stiller)

That is it. That is my diamond plan. My future is in the “Ceiling Fan Plan.” I am focused on the C.F.P.

If it works, I am a f*cking genius (which I am not and never will be). I might just be a little bit better off and still on that path to retirement.

And if I make it, I will go to see a Snow leopard in the wild for real.

I will take my camera and enjoy every minute of solitary peace.

And I will click until my heart is content.

Disclaimer: I am no financial advisor, just a guy with a keyboard and I read some books.

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