Save something, anything. Just generate the habit

Save something is my mantra. Anything!! Even if it is saving but not saving. I know, f*cked up thinking, but that is my point.

There are times when the money leaks and the inevitable happens. You have to spend a whole lot more money than you had planned.

Your monthly budget is getting mowed down by a juggernaut of expenses, and you are sweating your b*lls off trying to keep up and to avoid getting run over. The road is wide, and the safety of the pavements are nowhere to be seen.

This accident of circumstance will always happen at some of the stages of your journey on any road. The road to F.I.R.E is no exception.

This week has been an expensive week for me. I am good with that.

The days I panic are behind me. 

I sweat like F*ck, but panic… no, that just clouds the issue.

You see, I stay on form. I still save. It is not a lot, but I always save some money. It is a mindset thing. Even when I am leaking cash, I try and save something and put it against the long-term plan. 

Small amounts mount up.

The stupidity of it is that I save the money and pay it into one end of the personal balance sheet, but the costs suck it out the other end. 

Stupid but not daft. There is a logic in that.

Go figure.

My net position for the week is negative, but did I save something? It depends on how you look at it. 

I believe that I did. I know that I have. I can see it. It is real.

I did save something. I consciously didn’t spend money on some items or decreased my cost by reducing size options. This is where I made the initial saving.

A small coffee. A McDonald’s coffee. A home-made coffee. Simple option choices. Before you say the obvious here, I know they will not make me an overnight millionaire, but the point is, they keep the mindset in place.

These choices that I make when I am getting run over keep the money mindset front and centre. 

I am selecting the correct options to keep it fresh in my inner eye.

It is easy to slide into panic and spend even more when the chips are down. The feel-good factor purchase, buy the thing to cheer you up. The ‘I am spending a lot of money this week, so I might as well just add to it and deal with it later’ purchase.

This thinking, in my honest opinion, is the stupid thinking. Don’t move to that way of thinking when the week is roasting you. 

Do not lose your resolve. Administer your logic.

Continue saving, keep cutting costs, and ceremoniously bank it to know that you are doing your part even when the net is negative.

It makes sense even when it doesn’t.

Make it make sense to you. Change your mindset, or if you are a saver, then do not change your perspective. Stay strong, my friend. Keep your positive attitude towards money.

Stay on the path. Stay the course.

If the course is a road and you are dodging the juggernauts, then do it with aplomb. Do it in style. 

Stay alert, remain aware and watch for the hits and duck and dive as they land. Keep your cool.

Keep your style. Stay positive.

Miniature moments of coolness and no panic is a great style to have. 

Small deposits mount up.

In the long-term, these moments will help you build your money.

They will deliver a positive net balance as long as you, yourself, remain positive with intention, and you work to keep one end in constant positive motion.

Experience Sanlitun, Beijing

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