When you commit, you are more than just compliant.

Ok, I have nearly missed posting this blog today, which would have been a disaster for me.

Why did I almost miss the discipline of posting this daily blog? 

Because I was out for a beer and I was enjoying the company so much. 

Things are freeing up around Beijing. People from outside the city can now travel to the town and catch-up with business and with friends, it is such a great feeling to speak to people face to face again.

This has meant that I have had a few beery nights and some inspiring conversations…. 

I was out with a good friend tonight, and we talked. We laughed, and we set the world to rights as you do when you have a beer or three.

It has also meant that I have been under pressure this evening towards my own commitment to blogging once a day for this whole year. 

I am now on a brilliant streak of ninety-one days since I started blogging with passion, and I have blogged every day this year, without fail.

There is no way I am going to miss this daily routine. No way, so I am taking drastic measures.

When I commit, I commit!!

I am writing this blog from the back seat of a taxi as I hurtle through Beijing’s streets. A few beers the worse, but I am clear on one the one thing. 

I am not going to break this habit of blogging. I can not do that.

No matter what, I will update the blog site – this is what is within my now tipsy head.

I have approximately 190 followers (Thank you for your patience). It probably doesn’t make any difference to anyone if I blog it not…

As my father would say, if I was ducking out on something with the excuse that no one would know, ‘it is just me that would be aware of it, Dad, no one would know…’

He would say, exactly. ‘You will know, and that is all that counts.’

So for that reason, I will write a blog.

What will I blog about. Exactly this.

  • If you commit to something, then f*cking commit. 

Do it with all of your mind, body and soul and DO NOT LET YOURSELF DOWN.

  • If you build a habit, then fight like F*ck to keep the momentum on that habit. 

‘Only you will know!’ is not a reason to quit, DO NOT LET YOURSELF DOWN.

  • If you have a future goal, then do not lose f*cking sight of that vision and purpose – that outcome that you so desire.

You have built that compelling vision to drive your focus, DO NOT LET YOURSELF DOWN.

  • If you are on a path to change, then know when the path is thinning and find a reason to make the f*cking way more visible.

You have agreed on the actions that will make a difference in your life, DO NOT LET YOURSELF DOWN.

  • If you have distractions, then work to move then out of your f*cking way… the obstacle is not the way!

You are always in control of your own destination, do not let yourself down and make a point of being clear on that choice. 

Failure to do something that is so easily completed and that is within your grasp, is a choice you make.

Know when to take a step back, but know when to leap forward.

If you have a beer or three, then know when to quit so that you do not let yourself down. I know my limits on some fronts. This is my special power.

Walk away from the beer. 

Because no one likes a drunk person, and I can guess that no one likes a drunken blogger.

But then who knows, I might just have had the best insight of my whole evening, if I remember right.

Who knows?

I will comprehend it once I wake up and read this blog post in the morning. It might be embarrassing, might!

As I count the calories from the beer intake and swear off the demon beer once again, I am sure my intention with this blog will be as clear as my foggy head.

My only recollection will be…

I must not fail.

Because if I do, I will be letting myself down.

Watch this, it is cool to see from a drone…

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