Being Creative is great for your Mental Health.

Life can be full of regrets, and we all have them.

Don’t lie to yourself on this point. Of course, we do.

I do; that is a fact. I am trying to limit the regrets of life, but I do have a couple.

One regret is wishing I had started being creative again quicker than what I have done.

Let me explain about the ‘again’ comment. I have been creative in some form or other throughout my life. I always loved creating stuff, and it has been an on and off passion of mine. I come from a bit of a creative family. We actually had to be creative, make things and sell them to support the family income. Sounds crazy, but it was always the best of times.

I fondly remember drawing the faces on the dolls that my mum, dad and sisters would make so that we could sell them within the local community. 

It was a magical childhood back then.

Due to the pandemic’s stress, I went back to my creative side and started this blogging. This has led me to support others, do a lot of research, mess around on YouTube, and explore many other creative endeavours.

Check out my Youtube channel:

This is still getting into shape, and the name isn’t great, but I am a work in progress – the great thing is if you follow me on YouTube, you will get to see the real China. None of that bullsh*t that the western media feed you.

I used to worry about things being right before sharing, and that would freeze me directly in my footsteps. Not now. Have a gander. It is not perfect, but it is getting better every time, and that is what counts. Small improvements.

I hope you can watch a couple of videos (sounds like I am begging – yup, I am, lol), and I would love it if you could give me some feedback.

I want to get better at the YouTube/video editing thing, and I want to keep building my skills for that future nomad life that I aspire to have.

The one thing that I do tell people who ask about this new focus is to just go ahead and do it. Be creative, do it now. No regrets and tell the doubters to f*ck right off.

Writing this daily blog has made me happier, thoughtful, sharper and it has helped my mental health.

I have been away from my family for fifteen months now, and it looks like there soon will be a break in the pandemic, and that will allow for a long trip home to see everyone.

I can not wait to get back and see everyone, and I now know that I will be in good shape mentally.

Thanks to all of you, this blog, and to my new world of just getting sh*t done.

It has been a great start to the year.

I am now feeling fresh in the head.


The Great Wall of China – but not the tourist part, the Wild Wall section. Enjoy.

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