Energy wasted because I let them back in

Energy wasted…

How much energy do we use or waste every day dealing with the mundane? 

The ‘he said, she said.’ The whispers and the arguments.

The angry silence and the bitten tongue.

The fakery of the feedback culture that is not really feedback, but the art of oneupmanship.

What an absolute waste of energy. 


It is tiresome…

and futile…

on many fronts…

But yet, we still. Chase. That. Game.


We can always choose how to spend our energy, but we can get caught in the moment. 

We can throw up the barrier and work to keep the negative chatter out of our immediate zone. Choose who we let in. Play that gatekeeper and empower our minds to embrace the more wholesome conversation. The one that takes energy but gives more power back. The conversation that inspires creativity, excitement and unstoppable chatter.

This is where I want to be, in the thick of the conversations that can change the world. Buzzing with the group, like a tennis game, bouncing ideas back and forward across the net. Nothing is out of bounds, and no one is keeping the score. The audience is rotating with each conversation and enthralled with the ingenuity of the speaker or listener. The body language is Wimbledon Centre Court level but with less the angst of the Borg v McEnroe era and more the skill and mutual respect of Federer and Nadal.

Can you imagine the atmosphere of a conversation like this? Oh, how it would lift the spirits of even a dead man. It could awaken the lifeless with its positive energy.

To be part of that type of conversation would be the dogs b*llocks.

 A conversation that is so good that if it was a tree, it would be a Redwood.

A conversation that is so good that if it was a car, it would be an Austin Martin.

A conversation that is so good that if it was a wristwatch, it would be a Rolex. If it was a song, it would be something by Pink Floyd, if a book, one by Hemmingway.

If it was a movie, it would be The Godfather.

But alas, I have not had that conversation today because I let down my guard, and the Barzini’s got in.

I tried to get out of the trap, but…

‘Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.’

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