The sights you see…

I have seen the painting that I was looking forward to seeing…

‘Thirty-six views on Mount Fuji – The Great Wave off Kanagawa’

By Katsushika Hokusai.

I know this might not matter that much to other people, but it is a real highlight for my week, my month even! 

I have always wanted to see this painting. One of life’s high points.

Job done! And it was well worth it; I also discovered a smashing little gallery/art district in Beijing that I did not know about – all good in a days work.

Before I came to China, I also wanted to see the Great Wall of China, The Terracotta Warriors, Forbidden City, and so much more. I am so lucky to have achieved these goals, and I am such a better person for experiencing something so different in life – for a wee guy from Glasgow.

When I think about it, I still want to see and experience so much. I have done well in getting to many places I set my sights on, but there is much more to explore.

There is so many things to do and so little time now.

I want to also take in various European cities. See the incredible music groups live, visit museums across the world, swim with some dolphins, get to South America…

So much to do.

I have had highs like tripping down the American West Coast and the lows of getting trapped in a bar fight in Amsterdam… a long story. 

These things have added to my character and have helped shaped me as a person. You, the reader, have also had your own experiences that have shaped you. You have gained stories that you can tell your children’s children and your wider family members.

These life moments are what makes us human… and for the first day today, I really grasped the fact that the pandemic that we are living through has impacted how we will live life over the next few years.

I am so grateful that my immediate family and I have not had any real harrowing experiences. I can not begin to imagine what people who have lost loved ones are going through.

So much has changed with the pandemic. So many people have had their life affected terribly, and people have had their future taken from them

It is cruel.

I am lucky to have a future to look forward to, but it came sharply into focus today. I was pondering some big life questions while walking around the gallery today.

Life and death questions. Future aspirations and the things left undone at the moment. The things I had hoped to do, places to see. 

I was thinking about all the plans we had pre-covid. 

Things have changed.

What will the future hold for us regarding the items we may have put into our bucket list? Is it that important now?

Probably not so, but these things do give us hope, something to aim for.

I will refine my own list because there is not enough time to see all the sights and explore everything I wanted to explore in life. 

I will keep it simple.

It is time for refinement and some careful prioritisation.

The top of the list now is to get home to see the family. That is the numero uno, the one focus that is taking all of my efforts.

Second, on my list is dependent on so many other factors, but I like the idea of taking a trip to Skye in Scotland… I drove there once before, but I didn’t stop. It was pelting down rain that day.

I regret that, not stopping.

I might be able to achieve both if my son agrees to make the road trip with me. I get back home, and I get to visit Skye.

That is also high on my bucket list—a road trip with my son.

If all three line up, I get back home, visit Skye and have a road trip with my son, then this summer is going to be a big slice of heaven.

That is good enough to see me through the next few years for sure.

That is my new bucket list, complete.

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