The beauty of art and an inspirational teacher.

What does this tell us about the underlying structure that must be in place for the beauty of the object to exist in the way that it does?

Passive income streams on the journey to FIRE?

These ideas come dripping into my inbox, all disguised as the latest and best way to become wealthy. It is all more blah, blah and about one-way money transference—mine to theirs.

What lit my F.I.R.E, and what keeps it burning.

That was the catalyst for me to start a journey towards FIRE. I did not know at the time that this was the journey I was on. I just knew that I was never going back to that stressful situation.

How to work within the cracks of your day!

I get up early and start the day using the same routine, which involves water (in and out), exercise, meditation, posting on Instagram, journaling and food. All within the cracks in my day.

Everything takes time… Patience my friend.

The key to the early success had been that I was setting learning goals using LinkedIn learning. I recommend this for some personal education; it is pricey, but take advantage of the free month and then cancel it if you want. 

Why let someone steal more of your time?

Today was a great day… but it started sh*t and nearly ended up Sh*t, with a capital ‘S.’ I was off work today, and so I decided to do something. The weather was perfect in Beijing. Not too hot, not too cold, and the sky was saltire blue. I was travelling light. I get grabbed…