Everything takes time… Patience my friend.

This is what I said to myself an hour ago, “Patience, my friend.”

I was in the midst of getting despondent. (you can read, p*ssed off here) 

Talking myself down from that hill, because I was getting a little miffed with the time it can take to create a video for YouTube.

I stopped myself going down the wrong track with the old frustration thing and then I worked to put everything into perspective.

I need to keep clear that I am just learning this video editing stuff, and when you are learning, there is always a curve to that. This was the follow-up conversation with myself after I chinned myself for being a d*ck.

When you are learning something completely new, then that curve can be like a reversed ski jump. I am at the bottom of the jump going backwards up that slope. I am not the best skier in the world either.

I should never forget that things take time to get right. I had been on a decent path recently. Picking things up quicker and feeling a bit of confidence drifting into my game. Getting too confident, probably.

The key to the early success had been that I was setting learning goals using LinkedIn learning. I recommend this for some personal education; it is pricey, but take advantage of the free month and then cancel it if you want.

Free is a great price to pay for something of such quality.

I was on that right path with LinkedIn, but we tend to ignore the milestones and push right on through like everything in life. 

Cockiness is what you would call it. I was getting ahead of myself and skipping some of the vital learning modules. In my defence, I was trying to speed up my workflow. Though, I was trying to do this way before I even understood what the workflow actually was. Typical male, throwing away the instructions and thinking I knew some sh*t. 

Lesson learned. They don’t teach this on LinkedIn. Maybe they do. It’s probably called ‘How to be humble’ or ‘Improve your critical listening and reading skills.’

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas A. Edison

I am not giving up, that is for sure.

So the upshot of that dodging the instructions was that I was getting seriously f*cked up with the process.

Not anymore.

I am back to the learning process and getting the pace right. There is no need to hurry on the learning either because this thing of mine is just a hobby, for the moment.

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