Breaking through is always good – 5 things to share.

I shared yesterday about my little trial of the nomadic lifestyle and how it was a bit of a bust!

Well, that was only half of the story. I got up this morning, took in the beauty of my surroundings, and then got straight to work on the MacBook.

The Great Wall of China

I thought yesterday I was correct on one thing: how good it is to take a chill-out day now and again. I still think that today.

The chill-out day I took was probably deserved (even if I do say so myself) because it has been a long few months of missing the family, a cold winter in Beijing, and I just needed to have an empty brain day – a day where I didn’t do much and it was my choice to do that.

This morning, I got busy and got the blog site redesign done. Please check it out and let me know if it is ok. I am kind of new to this content creating thing, so I would welcome any feedback, help or advice.

I am now working on my YouTube channel and I am trying to make that more sensible, tighter and reflect more on what I am trying to create… I am still searching this out, but I did commit to doing some further changes there.

It is early days with the youtube channel, but please have a gander and, again, leave a comment if you can. I would love to get the feedback.

I do have five things I want to share with you from today.

  • Don’t hold back. Just do the thing and do not worry about getting in right. I was always someone who would hold back until things were right, perfect. Not now, screw that. I am just making it up as I go along and putting the content out there. How it all hangs together is loose now, but I am clear that I am working towards a direction, and it will work out over time. Trust the process.

  • I am making a ton of mistakes, but I take the time to learn from them. When I look back on some of my posts, my spelling and grammar were not good – but it is improving, and that is what counts. When I check out my YouTube videos, I see some cringing moments, but I am improving and learning, which counts. Keep moving forward and take the time to learn from the mistakes. That is how you discover how things work the best.

  • I am now seeing specific patterns in my mistakes, whether in my writing style or some of the things I splurt out on video – now that I am aware, I can keep working on the big things and make a concentrated effort to make the habit change. It is not easy to change how you might say something, but the best starting point is being aware.

  • I now enjoy making the mistakes as much as I do getting them right. (ok, not always, but it reads better when I write that) It is painful to make mistakes or shoot a video part repeatedly because your tongue fails to move in the way you want it… but learning is painful, so they say. Or so I say. I am in pain daily now – but it is a good pain.

The last thing to share with you is the Eureka moment where I grabbed hold of a line from my most profound memories of a life long gone, which helped me frame out a bit more for my YouTube channel.

Picture the scene, a tall Glaswegian walking through rural China and shooting a video and talking to his iPhone when a dog the size of a horse attacked me. Ok, it was an average size dog, but it did take me by surprise. It was also less of an attack, more of a barky bark bark. Anyway, I got it on camera. Not the dog, I got me on camera… absolutely sh**ting myself with fright.

Being attacked by a dog while strolling around rural China.

When I recovered my composure and walked down the street mumbling to myself, I said the following out loud to no one in particular…

“Oh well, that was fun, but travelling, after all, is for all life’s adventures.


Experience a part of the Great Wall of China that you might not get to see.

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